Design Sprint: Five days of problem solving

In a company there is a wide variety of experience and knowledge. People are good at different things, that is why they work so well together. Having a united and consensual view on a big problem can be difficult. Everybody has their own solutions and ideas but you never quite come to a conclusion based on all of collected thoughts.

We have a solution for that!

In only five days we can help you go from a big problem to a tested prototype.

One of our customers, Sveaskog, wanted to tackle a problem of internal communication and how to spread work processes and culture within the organisation. They contacted us to get inspiration and creativity. They really wanted to do something different.

When we suggested we’d do a design sprint together, they were kind of nervous and uncertain that this was up their ally, but seeing some of our previous projects such as, made them feel comfy and we started planning.

They were stranded and needed to make progress fast. We gave them the perfect tool to do so.

They carefully selected the participants for the workshop from various roles and geographical parts of the organisation and answered our questionnaire which forced them to narrow down the project and focus on the most important part of the project. The group arrived at the workshop. The tension and excitement was in the air. But after only 2 min everyone was super enthusiastic, talking and contributing more than they could even imagine.

The workshop was neatly time divided, something the participants were experiencing as very positive since they could focus on the task given to them at the moment and had clear instructions what to do next. Through the days we went from formulating a longterm goal to actually sketching solutions for the problem given. This was a task that made the group kind of nervous at first, but that made complete sense and freed everyones creativity and generated a lot of really great ideas. At the end of day 2 we had created a great storyboard together, based on 2 of our sketched ideas, but with influences from all of our ideas and the result was both breathtaking and satisfying. We were all pretty knocked off at this point, having worked hard for 2 long days, but oh so filled with inspiration. This was our work. Our collective, but individual ideas had come together into one solution in only 2 days. But we weren’t finished.

The next step was to make the storyboard into a prototype and test it. We chose to test it on a specific role in the company and carefully selected which test subjects to interact with. The prototype phase was going smoothly. We were working together in collecting relevant and real content to make the prototype as authentic as possible, at the same time building the structure in Invision, our go to prototyping tool.

After approximately 2.5 days of work we were done and the following day we had all five test subjects ready to go. Our main focus was to test the assumptions that we had made during the workshop and prototyping phases and also to test the sprint questions. Would this solution conquer the fears and conflicts that we were afraid of?

Except for a few minor changes, the result exceeded our expectations. The test subjects  loved the simple and user focused experience that they were exposed to and wanted to share the prototype with their colleagues at once.

Both we and the customer were super happy with the result. Something that the group of 7 people from within the company had all contributed to. At the evaluation the project manager in charge stated: ”You really delivered beyond all of our expectations. We just loved this method as well as the result it generated.”

What is your big problem to solve? Let us help you in only 5 days! It’ll be a trip and a project that you will never forget :-)

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